Consulting That Creates Long-Term Value on a Sustainable Basis

Maverick is pleased to announce its continuing expansion into the middle-market segment ($20M to $1B in annual revenue) in 2016. The same exceptional standard of customer satisfaction; coupled with the firm's unique engagement methodology, provides middle market companies with a clear choice when hiring a management consulting firm -- the status quo or the Maverick Way.

Pioneering the Integration of the Management and Behavioral Sciences

Maverick is different from other management consulting firms in ways that will increase long-term value for your company.  Chief among them is our pioneering engagement methodology of integrating the management and behavioral sciences. Further, our practice directors and consultants are all former senior executives, each with decades of proven success in their practice areas.  

Maverick Assesses & Addresses People Issues

If you’ve ever hired a consulting firm, you may have seen first-hand how traditional consulting efforts often leave employees and managers demoralized and uncertain about their futures. But because Maverick assesses and addresses the people issues, concurrent with crafting and implementing innovative business strategies and action plans, your people will develop confidence in themselves and take a long-term interest in ensuring that the changes and improvements that we execute together are sustained long into the future.

We Don’t Just Write the Playbook, We Execute It

Maverick goes beyond crafting imaginative business strategies and action plans. We work collaboratively with your people throughout the implementation process to ensure success- as measured by the creation of long-term value. Because Maverick's practice leaders and senior consultants are former executives at global companies and experts and leaders in their respective fields, they are uniquely qualified to understand how the business strategies and action plans they craft and implement with you will impact every part of your organization.

We’ve Walked a Few Miles in Your Shoes

In contrast to many firms, at Maverick, the consultants working on your engagement are former senior executives from global companies with decades of hands-on experience and proven leadership. Unless someone has walked in your shoes, they will never be fully able to appreciate your challenges and the difficulties involved in creating and implementing great solutions. The firm’s practice directors have spent most of their respective careers making tough decisions that impacted thousands of employees, customers and stakeholders. We’re confident our people, experience and unique engagement methodology will create significant and sustainable results for your company. In fact, we guarantee it.

We Assess & Address Your Corporate Culture

To maintain your company's competitiveness in today’s global business environment you must constantly adapt and innovate. To do that, you need to create and maintain not only world class processes but also a corporate culture that supports great people doing great things. Maverick is particularly well qualified to understand your corporate culture and the behavioral tendencies of your people. The firm’s unique engagement methodology, Behavioral Integration Management, enables Maverick’s business and behavioral consultants to look beyond the operational and process transformations-and to see the impact these things will have on your people.  In turn, this unique capability provides us the means with which to improve communication, cooperation and collaboration among your people; resulting in a sustainable competitive advantage for your organization.