Maverick is 100% Fad Free!

Please take a moment to read the quote below from a senior manager at Ford Motor Company; you'll begin to understand why Maverick's engagement model and The Maverick Way will allow your company to transform while it performs.

(The quote is from before Ford’s stunning turn-around, but this is still going on at thousands of companies today.)

Fad Free Pic"Unfortunately my work-life has been completely consumed by a flow of management school gimmicks and the hucksterism of motivational consultants. Right now we have 'Six-Sigma,' 'Plus+3,' 'Big 5' and 'Breakthrough Sales and Leadership,' which we must focus on. Rather than actually doing our jobs and generating increased revenue for Ford, we in the field find ourselves spending most of our time doing Action Plans, Follow-up Reports, Status Reports, Brainstorm Sessions, Strategy Sessions, Dealer 'DNA Profiles,' Scriptwriting classes, attending 'Rah-Rah' seminars, etc... Managers have come to believe that generating new Excel spreadsheets and Power Point presentations is productive activity." - (Forbes On-Line)

At Maverick, we embrace programs and strategies that are sustainable, and that will provide significant value to your company (as measured by increased earnings.) At our firm, "Best Practices" is defined not by what worked well for another client (or for other companies entirely): it's what will work best for your company's unique requirements and the financial and other objectives that you want to reach.

And that's only one part of how we'll assist you in building greater value for your company: to ensure that the implementation of those strategies and process changes are tangibly successful, we'll address the business problems concurrent with the people issues, utilizing our proprietary assessment and coaching system called Behavioral Integration Management.