Firm Leadership

firmpageThe firm’s practice directors and consultants are chosen not just for their corporate and leadership skills, which rival their contemporaries at the best known firms in the world, but also for their complementary behavioral tendencies and people skills. Maverick’s practice directors operate as a high performance team; whose singular mission is to bring long-term value to its clients.  We seek out practice directors and consultants from diverse backgrounds, so that we can look at our clients' unique problems from many different perspectives.

We eschew group think at Maverick: the firm’s culture encourages our leaders-and all of our people-to remain independent thinkers; open minded; intellectually curious; unusually imaginative and unbiased.  Additionally, assiduous attention to details; a passion for getting it done right the first time; uncompromising integrity and ethics; and putting their clients’ needs before the firm’s are the core qualities you’ll find in our practice directors and all of our consultants.

After all, when you retain a firm to assess your organization's problems; craft solutions; assist your people with implementing strategies and provide guidance to your management team during times of difficult or disruptive change, isn't an experienced team of successful leaders who you really want working on your behalf and that of your entire organization?