The Maverick Way

Maverick's approach to management consulting is synonymous with our name: independent thinkers and action oriented. The firm was founded with the understanding that only by integrating the resources and experience of an innovative management consulting firm with the capabilities of professional behavioral assessment, evaluation and coaching, would we be able to provide our clients with significant and sustainable added value.

Because The Maverick Way assesses and addresses the needs of individuals, as well as the culture and intrinsically of an organization, the chance that behavioral issues may inhibit or impede the success of our collaboratively crafted business strategies and action plans is greatly reduced.  

We call our integrated approach to client engagements Behavioral Integration Management (‘BIM’). Maverick's behavioral practice is led by Dr. Martin D. Cohen, a nationally recognized, licensed, PhD clinical psychologist who has practiced for over three decades in the corporate, government and clinical environments.

Here are a few more insights into The Maverick Way:

  1. We keep it simple. We understand the need to put complex issues into language that everyone can understand. The best solutions come about when everyone involved fully understands the problems facing them. At Maverick, we “sedulously eschew obfuscatory hyper-verbosity and prolixity.
  2. Our experience has demonstrated time and time again, to us and our clients, that some of the most complicated issues, both business and legal, can often be resolved quickly and simply by having people with diverse backgrounds and with different perspectives exploring the same issue. With that in mind, our practice directors are carefully recruited from the corporate, military, intelligence and academic sectors.
  3. We invite you into the engagement process by keeping our efforts positive. This helps creates an environment that breeds trust and encourages the participation of everyone involved.
  4. Maverick is Fad Free! Over the years, there has been a constant stream of all kinds of management gimmicks devised by some consulting firms to do nothing more than generate additional revenue for themselves, while in the long run, reducing productivity and earnings for their clients.
  5. We maintain our objectivity throughout and after the engagement process.
  6. We drive ourselves relentlessly to provide senior management with the most accurate, insightful and objective analysis that we possibly can. Often, we research our clients’ operations and history far beyond what the scope of the engagement agreement stipulates: as a historical perspective is absolutely essential to understanding how things got to where they are, and to ensure that the solutions we craft will prevent them from becoming that way again in the future.
  7. Any management consulting firm can promise results. At Maverick we guarantee them!