Conflict Resolution

conflict resolutionConflicts arise regularly and at all levels of the organization. Sometimes the parties involved quickly and successfully resolve these conflicts on their own. Other times, one or both parties may "forgive but don't forget." Sometimes an underlying dispute or bad feelings between certain executives and/or managers may go on for months or even years; which may lead to subtle, yet highly disruptive and destructive behaviors, including the creation of silos and/or one or more executives constantly but subtely undermining others' efforts and initiatives.

We assist in resolving conflicts at the following levels:

  • Board of Directors
  • Executive Management
  • Senior Management
  • Key employees
  • Teams

Maverick is uniquely qualified to assist in assessing and resolving conflicts. Our unique engagement model, Behavioral Integration Management™ which integrates both the management and behavioral sciences, provides us with the ability to understand the operating and financial issues that are often an underlying part of the emotional conflict between the conflicted parties. Dr. Martin D. Cohen a licensed, clinical psychologist with over three decades in corporate, private, government and clinical practice areas heads the People Issues Directorate (BIM) for Maverick.

Often, conflicts are a result of an organization's structure that inadvertently positions individuals, groups or even entire divisions at cross purposes with one another. Another common reason for conflict is due to culture clashes between people that have been with the company for quite a while, and with a newer employee that came from an organization with a different set of values, or a corporate culture that was markedly different from their current one. In our experience, conflicts are often left unresolved or the protagonists are left to "agree to disagree" with one another. Although it may not be apparent, significant damage is done to the morale of the people loyal to each of the combatants and often to the company as a whole.