Ethics Training

Whether you're a public or privately held company, a non-profit or a government agency, ethics training should be an integral and ongoing effort in your organization.

In public companies, Sarbanes-Oxley compliance training is not a substitute for ethics training.

Ethics Training Maverick LLC Every organization should ensure that its executives, managers and employees understand what the definition of ethical behavior is within their environment. Complete breakdowns in ethical behavior or even one-time ethical lapses within your management and employee ranks can cost you lots of dough. And worse, can tarnish or even ruin your organization's hard earned reputation with customers, vendors and the public.

Any one of the root cause of ethical lapses, can cause a break in ethical behavior. Several of them coming together may cause the "perfect storm," which enables basically good people to make really bad ethical decisions; more than once on an individual basis-or to collaborate with others to reach objectives in a manner inconsistent with ethically acceptable behavior. Ethical lapses are a slippery slope, and most ethical gaps are never seen or heard about by senior management.  Often, ethical issues are covered up or glossed over by managers or executives to "save" a star player from being fired.

"There is a difference between breaking the law and behaving unethically - and that simply following the law shouldn't be the basis of business conduct."

Charles Munger,
Vice Chairman
Berkshire Hathaway

Managers and executives must be trained in order to distinguish between "honest ethical lapses," as opposed to a decision to intentionally breach the organizations' ethics. In the latter case, a zero tolerance policy must be in place and visible. In the former, coaching, review and additional training can often put things back on track and forestall similar lapses in the future.

Our PhD, licensed clinical psychologists will work with your organization's senior management to design an ethics training program that suits the unique requirements of your organization. For any program to be successful, it must be ongoing, and have built-in feedback loops, evaluation and improvement, and of course, the visible support of senior management. Maverick will design your organization's training program with all of those things in mind.