Executive & Management Coaching

If you're thinking of engaging a coach, or have already decided you need one, take a few moments to consider the following questions:

    1. Who is my prospective coach, and what did she/he do before becoming one?
    2. What education, skills and experience does he/she bring to the table?
    3. How has he/she explained the methodology to be employed to help you reach your objectives?
    4. What's his or her real value to you? To your organization?
    5. As you know, there are many considerations to contemplate before opening your life and career details to an outsider. What kind of professional would you feel most comfortable working with when it comes to sharing your confidential personal and corporate information?

What Makes Maverick Different?

"What makes Maverick different is their focus on better implementation through understanding the people issues."
Bob Vanourek,
Former CEO at Sensormatic Electronics Corp.
Co-author of Award Winning book, Triple Crown Leadership

At Maverick, we believe that to be an effective coach you have to have more than just an affinity for being a good cheerleader and perhaps being trained or certified as a "professional coach." It's our opinion that to be a truly effective coach, you must first be qualified to accurately evaluate the client's behavioral profile and leadership skill-set. You also have to have a deep appreciation for the dynamics of business relationships, and be able (and willing) to help your client manage his/her expectations regarding the help you can provide.

From our perspective, the best people to do that are licensed, PhD clinical psychologists, like Dr. Martin D. Cohen, the director of Maverick's behavioral practice. Dr. Cohen has over three decades in corporate, non-profit, government and private practice. He is frequently engaged by government agencies to assist in conflict resolution and, in addition, Marty is the Clinical Director for the Tampa Bay Region Critical Incident Team. In that capacity, he directs on-site trauma counseling for first responders during the course of major events like hurricanes, accidents and terrorist acts.

Marty and his staff have a great advantage over virtually all other coaches: they can draw on the business consulting group at Maverick to help them understand the complex business issues that can, and often do, influence the relationship issues that confront just about all leaders in every type of organization. This integrated approach to helping our clients solve their problems is unique to Maverick, and we call it Behavioral Integration Management or "BIM." And, if it's your sense that what's really needed in your organization is less executive coaching, and more conflict resolution between operating groups, or between two or more senior managers or executives, Dr. Cohen can assist you in those areas as well.

You may be a great business strategist, operating executive or financial guru; or, maybe you inherited or even earned the reigns at a family owned business. But unless you can build trusting and lasting relationships with people (and inspire and motivate them) you'll never be a great leader, or for that matter, even an effective one. For more information, please contact Dr. Cohen here.