Field Service

If your company has from 50 to 2,000 (or more) field service techs, let Maverick help you deliver the highest quality customer service possible, while significantly  driving down costs; and at the same time improving customer loyalty and increasing customer retention rates.  We usually save our clients 8% -15% (or more) in annual service costs-on a sustainable basis.

Field Service PicThe Maverick Way is not about indiscriminate cost cutting—any consulting firm or executive with an axe can do that. Instead, we'll analyze your customers' needs and your current capabilities and resources, and work with you and your people to develop the most effective and cost efficient service delivery solution. In that process we will help your people eliminate all wasted efforts. We have found that to completely understand where costs can be eliminated or reduced, you have to follow the path back to where the costs originated in the first place. For instance, bringing on too many product lines may in time, burden the service department with more training costs, more repair costs, and more travel costs. Sales or product management may have decided to offer the new products to generate more revenue or be more competitive in their offerings to potential and existing customers, but did they ever look at the long-term costs associated with their agenda? Probably not.

Field service practice includes:

  • Cost analysis and reductions without compromising customer satisfaction.
  • Improve customer loyalty and retention.
  • Technology analysis, adoption, and deployment.
  • Sales consultation skills for service techs.
  • Creating and sustaining competitive advantages.
  • Tech training and education
  • Simple to use tools to ensure that you are receiving the correct metrics in order to measure and constantly improve your field service team's effectiveness.
  • Create and implement significant service discriminators that will turn satisfied customers into loyal customers.
  • Service tech compensation and retention strategies.