Leadership + Strategy + Coaching = OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE

mavleadershiproadsignOutperform Your Competitors: The Maverick Way! The Maverick view of cutting-edge organizational performance operates at the intersection of strategy and leadership. Most consulting firms see strategic development as one practice area and leadership development as another (often called coaching). At Maverick, we recognize that even the best strategy will have no effect if an organization's executives can't create and sustain buy-in from key stakeholders.

With that in mind, Maverick combines strategic analysis, innovative leadership techniques, and Behavioral Integration Management™ (BIM) to insure not only the maximum impact to your company's bottom line on a sustainable basis-but also a quantifiable course change for your organization.

Maverick's practice directors and senior consultants collaborate with you, your colleagues, staff, and associates to develop a strategic vision that will position your organization to succeed in today's dynamic business environment. This includes the use of Maverick's proprietary tool set to assess and address your firm's culture; determine its strengths and weaknesses compared to your competitors; and determine its unique resources and competencies. The Firm's consultants have experience with strategic development efforts for Fortune 500 firms, mid and small-cap companies and smaller, emerging firms.

As you know, strategic development efforts often result in nothing more than nicely bound reports that sit on shelves and are soon forgotten. Maverick is different: the completion of the strategic analysis is just the beginning. The Firm will work with your senior management team to develop leadership strategies that overcome inertia and resistance to change in all types of organizational environments. Maverick will help you develop and execute customized implementation plans, ensuring that your strategic vision is translated into coordinated action from the ground up. And we provide the tools to create an environment of continuous improvement to your ongoing strategic planning and execution.

Maverick believes that its unique engagement model which integrates innovative strategic thought, leadership theory, and behavioral science, improves organizational performance and will position your firm to outperform its competitors. We do this through an understanding of how strategic vision and strong leadership combine to create innovative products and services for your customers. These insights fuel the development of successful implementation plans that focus on improved leadership to marshal the resources of your firm toward achievement of your strategic goals.