SecondOpinion PicIf you've ever wished there was some way to get an independent, highly respected, alternative perspective that will cut through your organization's decision paralysis, or mitigate senior management's conflict over a major strategy initiative, acquisition target, or other significant decision that is being delayed for uncertain reasons, Maverick can help with SecondOpinion.

If you’re the president or a “C” level executive, you already know that you don’t always get the candid feedback and unbiased analysis you need to make important decisions in a timely manner. By engaging Maverick for a SecondOpinion, the firm can provide you with an independent, objective analysis and perspective; without the fear of political backlash or taking into account other executives’ group and/or personal agendas.

If you, your executive team and staff have already done the heavy lifting, but are deadlocked over which alternative strategy to pursue: and you don't have the budget or need an engagement costing tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars, SecondOpinion is the answer. Maverick can provide the independent assessment you need from the Firm’s highly qualified and diversified group of practice directors that can quickly come up to speed on the arguments that have your team deadlocked. Maverick will perform an independent and unbiased analysis that is based upon the issues and strategies being considered; unbiased fact gathering, and interviews with key management involved in the discussions and decision making. Your SecondOpinion conclusions will be based on our analysis of the best internal arguments (augmented by external fact gathering and competitive and financial considerations) and free of those pesky internal political ramifications and personal biases.

How long is a SecondOpinion assignment? The engagement lasts just long enough to allow us to listen to the parties involved state their respective arguments, understand what the implications of the decision will mean to your company; undertake any research that may be necessary, review and discuss our findings internally, and present our conclusions to senior management.

Maverick’s engagements are usually of a longer duration, and involve the design and implementation of new business strategies, action plans, acquisition strategies and execution, sales negotiating assessment and training, and field service reengineering (Practice Areas). And, through our Behavioral Integration Management group, we offer executive coaching, conflict resolution, and behavioral profiling and team assessment and building--by our clinically trained, PhD psychologists with extensive organizational experience.