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If your company doesn't have an experienced M&A team or a dedicated corporate development group, that's okay: save your company's money and outsource your M&A to Maverick. The Firm's experts, former senior executives with extensive and proven M&A experience (domestic and global), can help you choose the right people in your company for M&A team deployments as needed.When you engage Maverick for your M&A work, its seasoned experts will not only provide operational guidance for your team leaders and associates, but also help them to develop a broader and deeper understanding of the M&A process. In doing so, the Firm will provide your key executives and team members with additional tools and skillsets that will enable them to contribute to your company's M&A process more effectively in the future; increasingly so with each successive deal we collaborate on with your company.

Maverick's M&A practice experts will act not only as your acquisition process guides but also as your team's teachers and mentors.

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  • Beat the M&A Failure Odds Open or Close

    In addition to Maverick's finance and operations experts in the Four Phases of M&A, the Firm has additional professional expertise that no other consulting firm can offer: business savvy, licensed PhD clinical psychologists who are uniquely integrated into all of its practice areas. These "people experts", who have decades of corporate and organizational experience, are led by Dr. Martin D. Cohen, the Firm's practice leader for Behavioral Integration Management™. Marty and his team work side by side with the Firm's M&A practice experts to identify, assess and address potential deal critical corporate culture clash and people matters from the very beginning of the M&A process to the end of the post-acquisition integration process.

  • 50% of Deals That Fail, Do So Because of... Open or Close

    Culture Clash  & People Issues (Yours doesn't have to be one of them)

    Why is Maverick's engagement methodology so important to your company's M&A success? The answer is simple: according to virtually all industry experts, approximately 70% of all acquisitions fail to deliver on their forecasted expectations. According to the Wall Street Journal, 50% of those failures are due to culture clash and other people issues between the target and acquiring companies. Maverick is the only management consulting firm that, from its inception, has uniquely integrated the management and behavioral sciences into its M&A (and all other practice) engagements to help its clients significantly reduce the possibility of M&A failure and create more successful acquisition outcomes. The Firm's unique capability to professionally assess and address people issues at the senior levels of both the target and acquirer, as well as to identify value-robbing obstacles and impediments due to corporate culture clash, can significantly increase the successful outcome of your deal-and this is particularly true when looking at long-term value creation.

  • Beware the Siren Song Open or Close

    M&A can be an alluring, sexy and at times, even an ego driven process. People can and do get caught up in the emotional energy associated with a deal. With that understanding in mind, it's critical from the very start, to look objectively at the reasons that you believe the deal makes sense for your company on a long-term basis. As quoted in a WSJ article about M&A, at least 50% of all M&A failures can be attributed to culture clash and people issues. Despite these issues being critically important to the ultimate success of any company's M&A efforts; all too often these matters are completely ignored, neglected, or at best, given short shrift.

    You Can Avoid Wrecking on the Rocks

    Maverick understood this critical M&A issue from its inception, and so the Firm was designed with two complementary and equal processes integrated at its core: the management and behavioral sciences. Maverick's practice leader for the behavioral sciences is Dr. Martin D. Cohen. Marty is a licensed, clinical PhD psychologist with decades of business experience in the middle market and large-cap market segments. While the operational "nuts and bolts" of M&A cannot be understated with regard to a deal's ultimate success, so it is with the people and cultural issues- and their own importance to contributing to a deal's success. With that understanding, it's easy to see how Maverick's unique engagement methodology may be crucial l to your company's long-term success with each and every one of its M&A initiatives.

  • We Don't Just Give You the Fish... Open or Close

    We Teach You How to Fish

    When you hire Maverick you will be working with former senior executives that have decades of hands-on experience doing M&A in the U.S. and around the globe. The Firm's practice experts truly understand the entire set of M&A processes, and they are your hands-on leaders, guides and teachers through the entire deal process. When you engage the Firm to assist with your M&A process, you are doing more than getting access to the Firm's highly skilled people; you are significantly increasing your chances that your deal will end up as one of the < 30% that is successful-and creates long-term value for your company and its stakeholders.

  • One Size Doesn't Fit All Open or Close

    Maverick can field an entire M&A leadership team to work with your senior management and key team members from the beginning of a deal to its successful conclusion; or the Firm can provide you with expert guidance through any one or more of the Four Phases of M&A. Maverick's client engagements are flexible, and the Firm will adapt and scale to accommodate your company's requirements, resources and budget.

  • Integrity Included Open or Close

    Because you and your management team want the best possible and objective advice from your M&A consultants, Maverick's engagement fees do not include any type of bonus or incentive for a deal that gets executed. If the deal you're looking at isn't in the best interest of your company, Maverick will never be under any financial pressure or incentive to recommend otherwise. In fact, we may be the first to recognize that a deal isn't right for your company-and if that's the case, the Firm's M&A team will present its findings to you the moment we reach that conclusion.

According to a McKinsey Survey Most Middle Market Companies Lack M&A Resources


A recent survey by McKinsey revealed that 50% of companies admitted they are not capable of fielding an experienced M&A team,; prepare properly for post-acquisition Integration, or assess and address potential corporate culture clash issues.

Company executives surveyed also reported a significant disconnect between the CFO and other C Level Executives with regard to type of deals to pursue and the methodology to value them. How can your company overcome these issues?  Maverick can help your CEO and Senior Management align on deals and valuation with help from our M&A experts.  Contact us for more information about how Maverick can help you with any aspect of M&A. Contact us